The Importance of Receiving Urgent Care After Minor Injuries

When one suffers a minor injury, it is common practice to administer some first aid treatment to stop the bleeding and afterward, close up the wound. In some cases, however, a first-aid treatment administered at home may not be sufficient, and if the patient is not taken to an urgent care facility quickly, there may be complications.

Minor injuries that require urgent care

Injuries from a minor car accident, a laceration from household tools or workplace machinery, a puncture from a long and pointy object, and avulsions may require more care than can be found at home. Furthermore, if an injury is deeper than 2 inches, has been bleeding for more than 15 minutes, and doesn’t stop bleeding even on application of pressure, it may be time to seek urgent care.

Possible complications from minor injuries

If you don’t treat a minor injury adequately and the wound is left open, there is a risk of infection. Warning signs of an infection include thick foul-smelling pus that is greenish, yellowy, or brownish in color. This is often accompanied by a fever that lasts for hours.

Other complications that may arise from an open wound are:

  • Lockjaw: a dangerous bacterial infection that leads to muscle spasms in the neck and jaw; may lead to death.
  • Cellulitis: a skin infection caused by bacteria like streptococcus or clostridium. It leads to tissue loss and sepsis.
  • Necrotizing fasciitis: a bacterial infection that damages the tissue under ones’ skin. Also referred to as flesh-eating disease.

If a minor injury is not quickly attended to, it may escalate to conditions that are quite major. Residents of Spring and Cleveland, Texas with minor injuries should visit Dr. D’s Urgent Care for quick and professional treatment of open wounds.

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