The Dangers of Self-Medication

In the bid to avoid the long lines at hospital waiting rooms and cut the expenses of seeing a doctor, more people are resorting to self-medication. When they feel sick, they just run an online search to find what illnesses are consistent with their symptoms. Next, they visit the pharmacist and start their self-determined treatment plan. Here is why this is very dangerous:

Underlying conditions

A young man feels severe headache and dizziness goes to the drugstore to get painkillers and supplements to regain his strength. Unknown to him, the symptoms were early warning signs of stroke. While you get medicine to treat the prevalent illness that certain symptoms indicate, you may be missing out on some underlying conditions. And because it was left untreated, that condition may grow worse over time.

Drug misuse

When you prescribe drugs for yourself, you run the risk of misusing them. Some drugs are not to be used together; sometimes, dosages differ for different patients; and using antibiotics when you don’t have a bacterial infection can lead to more serious conditions. The directions of use on drug cartons do not apply to everybody; by following them, you are likely to worsen your illness.

Rather than stay at home and miss out on a serious condition, why not visit a doctor? Hospitals are expensive and they have never-ending queues. True. However, have you tried visiting an urgent care clinic? You get to see a doctor within hours of making an appointment, their charges are very affordable, and they accept the major health insurance plans.
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