Colds & Flu

Colds & Flu Colds and flu tend to be most common in the fall and winter months. As the flu season approaches, we have flu shots available on a walk-in or appointment basis. Nevertheless, should you develop cold or flu symptoms, drop in the clinic for an exam. Based on the doctor’s recommendation, there may be medications available that can help reduce your fever, soothe your scratchy throat, and improve how you feel overall.

In many cases, antibiotics or other medications can be beneficial. Don’t let a cold or flu develop into something more serious such as bronchitis or pneumonia. It’s important to remember that sinus infections, head colds, and high fevers could also be associated with much more severe illnesses such as meningitis. If you have a cold or flu, stop by our urgent care clinic and visit with one of our physicians. You’ll feel better just knowing a trained medical staff member has evaluated your situation, checked out your sore throat or fever, and prescribed the best course of action. We’re conveniently located in both the Woodlands and Cleveland, so we’re close by and our wait times are short. Stop by today.

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