Receive Urgent Care in Woodlands Texas

Your 7-year old son starts throwing up late at night with his skin burning up with a fever, what do you do? What if your partner starts complaining of stomach pain so sharp they can barely stand? What would your next move be? To schedule an appointment with your pediatrician (or family doctor) for the next day? That is a lot of time for your son (or partner) to be in pain. Another option would be to visit an emergency room but since the condition may be deemed non-critical, it may be hours before you are attended to. That is hours of suffering and pain, along with the risk of the condition getting worse.

A better alternative would be to visit an urgent care facility. At one of these facilities, you can make an appointment online and see a doctor within hours. The doctors are highly trained, often with decades of experience handling all sorts of medical emergencies. Furthermore, urgent care clinics are open 24/7  every day of the week, as well as during weekends and on holidays.

If you live in Texas, Dr. D’s Urgent Care is the leading urgent care facility in the area and we are serving patients in 2 different locations in The Woodlands: Spring and Cleveland. Services offered include emergency care, minor injuries, complications with hypertension and diabetes, colds & flu among many others.

Our facilities are located close to fully equipped hospitals and if the attending doctor thinks a patient’s condition requires more extensive care, transportation is arranged to a hospital or an emergency room close-by. For all your urgent care needs, please call 832-447-7880 (for Spring) or 281-592-1115 (for Cleveland) to book an appointment.

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