Your 7-year old son starts throwing up late at night with his skin burning up with a fever, what do you do? What if your partner starts complaining of stomach pain so sharp they can barely stand? What would your next move be? To schedule an appointment with your pediatrician (or family doctor) for the … Continue reading “Receive Urgent Care in Woodlands Texas”

When one suffers a minor injury, it is common practice to administer some first aid treatment to stop the bleeding and afterward, close up the wound. In some cases, however, a first-aid treatment administered at home may not be sufficient, and if the patient is not taken to an urgent care facility quickly, there may … Continue reading “The Importance of Receiving Urgent Care After Minor Injuries”

In the bid to avoid the long lines at hospital waiting rooms and cut the expenses of seeing a doctor, more people are resorting to self-medication. When they feel sick, they just run an online search to find what illnesses are consistent with their symptoms. Next, they visit the pharmacist and start their self-determined treatment … Continue reading “The Dangers of Self-Medication”

Recent estimates indicate that there are over 7,500 urgent care centers in the United States and about 500 more are opened every year. These centers position themselves as viable alternatives to hospitals and emergency rooms: at least, for non-critical illnesses. Given their growing numbers, it has become important to come up with a way to … Continue reading “Choosing the Right Urgent Care Clinic”

More people are visiting urgent care clinics now than ever before. This begs the question: what is so special about these smaller hospitals and why are people staying away from the big hospitals and emergency rooms in favor of them? The answer can be found below: They are more affordable An average visit to an … Continue reading “5 Reasons Why More People are Visiting Urgent Care Facilities”

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